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About Ben Sturges

Ben Sturges is a lifelong Brooklyn resident with a tour guide's knowledge of the borough and its neighborhoods. Real estate and customer service are in Ben's blood. His grandmother was the co-owner of a brokerage on Martha's Vineyard, so growing up the business was always in the periphery. After a 13-year career in web design and internet marketing, Ben made the switch to real estate. His experience working with clients made for a seamless transition. In the past few years, Ben has effectively guided countless renters and buyers in their home search. He works tirelessly to meet each client's needs and will go the extra mile to negotiate a deal.

Past Closings

115 Saint Felix Street

250 4th Ave

30 Columbia Place

68 Livingston Street

318 Prospect Ave

40 5th Ave

503 Henry Street

271 12th Street

319 Smith Street

3440 Guider Ave

75 Pineapple Street

110 4th Ave

367 5th Ave

110 4th Ave

262 12th Street

369 14th Street

113 Dikeman Street

441 Court Street

462 3rd Ave

601 18th Street

110 4th Ave

336 10th Street

443 Hicks Street

110 4th Ave

257 15th Street

74 East 4th Street

378 Union Street

443 Hicks Street

672 6th Ave

338 14th Street

400 15th Street

46 1st Place

64 4th Place

509 17th Street

98 Underhill Ave

110 4th Ave

476 7th Street

516 4th Ave

352 6th Ave

31 Ocean Parkway

266 10th Street

448 Clinton Street

205 Court Street

136 Berkeley Place

163 Bergen Street

435 16th Street

358 12th Street